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Hatfield & Welwyn Garden City Rotary Registered Charities:  1030942  & 1035671

For You . . .

When You entered the The WHWalk , We sent You a personalised Sponsorship Form. After completing The WHWalk  You collect Your Sponsors’ generous donations.

Then You send Us 25% of the money and the rest You donate to Your favourite Charitable Cause. Easy, and Everyone is a WHWinner!

Please do not send Us all of Your Sponsorship monies

unless You really intend Us to have it all!

We cannot donate to Your Charity on Your behalf; send Your contribution to Them with Your Sponsorship Form so They may claim any Gift Aid.

For Us . . .

Our major Sponsors are acknowledged here.

This year Grace Foods, Sainsbury's and Booker Distribution supplied the bananas, Mars Bars and soft drinks and water . . .

Many thanks to them all!

Sponsorship . . . how it works


to send 25% of Your sponsorship to Us