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Hatfield & Welwyn Garden City Rotary Registered Charities:  1030942  & 1035671

The Welwyn-Hatfield Walk . . .

. . . The WHWalk . . . is a sponsored 6 or 11 mile (10 or 18 km) Walk from Welwyn GC, through Sherrardswood, to the Ayots, Shaw’s Corner and the Lamer Estate and back through the Brocket Estate. There is also a 2 mile (3 km) course for accompanied youngsters, the infirm or disabled which We know  is ‘do-able’, weather permitting, in a wheel-chair.

Initiated in 1998 by the now defunct Rotary Club of Welwyn-Hatfield, the WHWalk is now run jointly by the Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield Clubs.

We ask You to raise Sponsorship for completing your chosen course, and then You send Us just a quarter of the monies You raise; the rest You send to Your favourite Charity. So Your Charity benefits, Our Charities benefit and You benefit from the exercise . . . a win-win all round!

AND IT'S FUN TO RUN . . . some people Ran the Route

A 2 mile (3 km) easy route, suitable for accompanied youngsters, people with disabilities.